Full-page, cover and tab ads must include a .125 inch bleed around the entire page and important content should be at least .5 inches away from the trim. 

What does that mean? Let’s break it down:

full page ad exampleHere is an example of a final printed ad
Here is that ad on a magazine page document

Terms to know:


The bleed goes .125” beyond the sides of the printed page to give the printer room to trim the paper to size. This .125” area is intended to be cut off. 

bleed diagram

The bleed ensures that there are no unprinted edges on the final page. So, if you want the artwork to run edge to edge, be sure to extend it beyond the trim line into the bleed.


The trim is the edge of the final printed page. Content too close to the trim is in danger of being cut off in printing. 

trim example

Keep all important info inside a .5” margin from the trim, or “safe zone,” so it doesn’t get lost in the binding or cut off during printing

spiral binding
Still not sure?

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