Energy Marketers of America EMA Journal

Who Are We?

The Energy Marketers of America (EMA) is a federation of 47 state and regional trade associations nationwide.

Our members and readers are approximately 8,000 independent energy marketers and convenience-store owners throughout the United States.

Why EMA?

Our members own and operate 60,000 retail fuel outlets across the country, including gas stations, truck stops and convenience stores.

Our members supply fuel to an additional 40,000 independent retailers.

Nearly 80% of EMA Journal readers say they’ve taken action as a result of the content they’ve read in the magazine, and nearly 60% say they’ve taken action with advertisers they’ve seen in EMA Journal.

Bottom line:
When it comes to serving the energy marketers, wholesalers, distributors and c-store owners in the United States,
we are the industry.

Next Issue: Summer 2022

Ads Close: 5/31/22
Copy and Artwork Due: 6/3/22
Ships: August 2022


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