We are a publishing and design firm focused on creating the best
custom publications, multimedia marketing solutions and more for our clients.


We’ll create a completely custom magazine or directory for your association with as much or as little help as you need. You’ll reap the rewards of the non-dues revenue stream for your organization. It’s a win-win.

Integrated Association Communications

Your communications program’s needs are unique to your organization. Our solutions are too. Your publication can be one piece of an overall marketing strategy tailored specifically to you, including logos, branding, websites and more.


Let us take some of the burden off of your staff members. Our sales and marketing professionals serve as a bolt-on extension of your team, driving revenue and interest in your association through targeted advertisements and other marketing efforts.

Here’s the expertise our team
will put to work as part of your team.

We work with our clients to create publications that provide the news and information their readers need to know. We can incorporate your publication into your existing marketing efforts or help you start from the ground up.



Whether you’re telling your own story in your own words or you need a little help, our expert team of editors and writers is here for you.


We don’t publish magazines created from templates. Your magazine will look like you — not like everyone else. We also provide custom-designed trade show brochures, marketing collateral, branding materials and more.


You want a custom-designed, smart, informative website that will draw visitors in and keep them there. That’s what we’ll create for you.

But we do more than say it — we prove it.

It doesn’t take much to say you’re innovative.



We work as a team with our clients and among ourselves to determine the best solution.



We provide the product you want when you want it and how you want it — every time.




Each project gets our best effort, and we strive to exceed your needs and our own high standards.

Our Team


Theresa Jackson


Shannon Patterson

Vice President of Publishing Services


Jim Honeycutt

Business Development

Nate Russell

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Kymberly Krogh

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Andrew Pulliam

Business Development

Jaira Honeycutt

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Chuck Hicks

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Richard Ochsner

Sales & Business Development

Riley Honeycutt

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Kelly Arvin

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Justin Osborne

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Samantha Rubsam

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Torie Clark

Sales/Marketing Consultant


Daniel Owsley

Senior Graphic Designer

Catherine Meany

Graphic Designer

Molly Dixon

Graphic Designer

Dawn Koontz

Ad Traffic Coordinator

Donna Schamback


Hayley Maciel

Administrative Assistant


Upload Your Files


What are the requirements for our advertisement?

  1. All artwork should be saved as an Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or PDF file.

  2. Please embed or include all fonts and graphics.

  3. Graphics should visually appear high-resolution and have a minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch).

    NOTE: We cannot increase the quality of the image if the original is blurry, grainy or too small —
    graphics pulled from websites are generally too small to use.

  4. All colors should be created as CMYK process colors.

  5. Full page ads must include a .125 inch bleed around the entire page and important content should be at least .5 inches away from the trim.


If you're ready to send us your ad, you can email it to us at graphics@innovativepublishing.com.

Please upload files over 5 MB to our secure site.

How do I upload our files?

Please make sure you compress your files (compression instructions below) or create a high-resolution PDF to reduce the risk of your file becoming corrupted.


Fill out the short “Upload Your Files” form. A dialogue box will appear at the top of the box if your upload is successful, along with an automated confirmation email.


If you have any questions regarding ad uploads, contact our ad traffic manager: Dawn Koontz | dawn@innovativepublishing.com.


If you have any questions regarding magazine material uploads, contact our project director: Shannon Patterson | shannon@innovativepublishing.com

How do I compress files?

  1. Locate the file or files you want to compress
    (on your desktop, in a folder, etc.).

  2. Select the file or files, right-click on the icon and click on "Compress Items" (Mac) or "Send to Compressed (zipped) folder" (PC).

  3. Rename the new compressed folder ending in ".zip," and the file is now ready for uploading.

Are general interest articles available?

If you are a current Innovative client and would like to discuss what general-interest articles would be best for your publication, please contact Shannon Patterson at shannon@innovativepublishing.com.


We’re always looking for the best salespeople, editors, writers, graphic designers and business development professionals!


If you’re interested in up-to-date job postings, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on LinkedIn. Also, feel free to contact Aran Jackson at aran@innovativepublishing.com to discuss potential career opportunities.

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